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Club Aim

The aim of the South African Antarctic Club is to maintain contact with members of Expeditions to Antarctica, Marion Island and Gough Island, and with people with Antarctic interests at heart.


Who can be a member?

Any South African who has spent a winter on Antarctica, Marion Island or Gough Island are eligible for joining the club.

A decoration with a picture of rocks off Gough Island
Antarctic Club coat of arms

Membership of the Antarctic Club


Emperor Penguin

According to the Constitution of the Club, a person who has spent a winter in either Antarctica, on Marion Island or on Gough Island are invited in writing to become full members of the Club. The Club has an arrangement in place for delivering invitations to every expedition member at the takeover function.

If for some reason, you are an ex-expedition member, and you are not aware of this invitation, or you've let your membership lapse, or for any reason you would like to be invited to be a member, please fill in and send the form in the top right-hand corner of this page. Your case will be submitted to a committee meeting and you will be sent an invitation.